Why Beautyfull Soul ?

....because there is good in everyone 

.....because I want for us to see the beauty in each other's souls

I seek to encourage and/or extend love to someone everyday with hopes that it's paid forward.  The decision to live my life this way brings me peace, and I want us all to attain peace in our lives. It's much harder and so much more painful to be bitter, self-righteous, cynical, hurt, and fearful.  I want people to find the beauty in something ugly, apply love as the answer, and see how life responds. This is what I hope my words support, it is my intention.

Many don't always see the value in people who think with their hearts. How can they benefit us at work or in a relationship?

Many see us as unrealistic, weak, and/or unnecessary....I mean what has being good ever done for anyone?

Well I'm here to tell you...what you give is what you get.....the emotions you project are the emotions you feel period.

I am affirmed when I know I am doing the right thing, or that I have treated someone kindly.

I intend to apply compassion during times of adversity. Genuinely forgive when moving forward where trust is lost.

My hope is that you purchase these sprinkles and sprinkle them in places that will touch someones heart.....this makes us want to connect and touch another heart and so on and so forth.

When you see a happy smiling person acknowledge them and smile back. When you see a person in pain, misery, anger and hurt.....acknowledge them and smile from the heart....be a Beautyfull Soul️